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Some haddits to elevate your faith below .
[Dawud 4252]
It was narrated that Thawbân said: ``The Messenger of Allâh (peace be upon him) said: `Allâh, Most High, folded the ends of the earth together for me to see,' or he said: `My Lord folded the ends of the earth together for me to see, and I saw its eastern and western lands, and the dominion of my Ummah will reach as far as that which was drawn together for me to see. And I have been given two treasures, the red and the white. I asked my Lord not to let my Ummah be destroyed by a widespread famine, and not to send against them an enemy that is not of them, that would destroy them utterly. My Lord said: ``O Muhammad, when I decree something, it cannot be altered. I have granted you that your Ummah will not be destroyed by widespread famine, and I will not send against them an enemy that is not of them that would destroy them utterly, even if all people from all regions were to come together (to destroy them). But some of them will destroy others and some will take others captive.'' What I fear for my Ummah is misguiding leaders. If the sword is wielded among my Ummah , it will never be withdrawn from them until the Day of Resurrection. The Hour will not begin until some tribes of my Ummah join the idolaters, and some tribes of my Ummah worship idols. There will be among my Ummah thirty liars, each of whom will claim to be a prophet, but I am the Last of the Prophets, there will be no Prophet after me. A group among my Ummah will continue to follow the truth -- Ibn `Eisâ (one of the narrators) said; ``prevailing'', then the two reports concur -- and they will not be harmed by those who oppose them, until the decree of Allâh, Most High, comes to pass.'''

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